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End effector for automatic insertion “ES-Gripper” 06
End effector for automatic insertion “ES-Gripper” 04
End effector for automatic insertion “ES-Gripper”03

The ES-Gripper is a robot end effector for automatic mating of connectors.
Built-in torque sensor ESTORQ digitizes insertion force when connector is inserted,
It can be used as part of traceability.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported Robots Compatible robots are as follows. * Select a robot according to the weight of the hand and work.
  • Application Software
  • Robot Options R series: Built-in solenoid valve

Data Download

For manuals and technical documents related to the product itself, please refer to the product link above.
For wiring / piping, see "Installation / Connection Manual" and "Option Harness Manual" for the R series,
Kawasaki has provided a connection instruction manual and a sample program of the application video.Please feel free to contact us.

Application Video